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Genomics, Graduate Certificate Courses

The following are courses in the Genomics Graduate Certificate program.

Required Courses

GN 701: Intro to Genomics

3 Credits
This course explores the history of genetics and genomics. Family history is discussed as a vital part of a genetic risk assessment and tool for evaluation of inheritance patterns and penetrance of disease. The course concludes with a review of the epigenetic influences on health and epidemiologic approaches to evaluate health and disease and applications in genomics.

GN 702: Genetic Concepts Testing and Translation to Healthcare

3 Credits
The course will serve as the basis for the healthcare professional to integrate genetics and genomics into personalized healthcare. The course will provide the clinician a review of sources of information available to the student in genomic healthcare for clinical management and therapeutic applications.

GN 703: Ethical, Legal, Social Issues in Genomics and Pharmacogenomics

3 Credits
This course exposes students to the ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding genetic testing and genetic testing available in a direct‐to‐consumer approach. Approaches to engage individuals as partners in healthcare will be explored in the course, as will the expanding applications of pharmacogenomics.

GN 704: Cancer Genomics and Applications of Genomics in Health and Disease

3 Credits
This course exposes the student to the role of genetics and genomics in cancer diagnosis prognosis and treatment. Future directions of genetics and genomics with comprehensive genome/exome/transcriptome sequencing in oncology, polygenic risk scores cell-free DNA, and genome-wide and phenome-wide association studies are addressed. Genomic technologies and ̀computational approaches that are driving advances to manage health and treat disease will be reviewed.