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USciences Online Faculty Published in The Lancet

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Written by Jenna Pizzi

USciences Online Faculty Published In The Lancet

Sheila Salvant Valentine, adjunct faculty for USciences Online, co-authored a recent research article entitled “HIV criminialisation laws and ending the US HIV epidemic” in The Lancet’s January 2021 issue. 

Sheila Salvant Valentine

The article focuses on the country’s plan to reduce HIV incidence by 90 percent over the next 10 years and what steps the nation may need to take to overcome the scientific and programmatic barriers to testing, treatment and prevention. It also details the steps needed to address the legal obstacles, racial discrimination, economic disadvantage, and homophobia that underpin many of the disparities that are prevalent in the HIV epidemic. 

“These social barriers directly prevent access to services and indirectly impede efforts to change HIV from an exceptional, stigmatised disease to a preventable and treatable infection,” reads the article’s abstract. “One area that continues to cause concern for some people with HIV, activists, and public health officials are HIV criminalisation laws —legislation passed with the intent of reducing HIV transmission and sanctioning individuals whose behaviour potentially exposed people to HIV.”

Valentine teaches the Healthcare Law, Regulation, and Ethics course in the Health Administration Program for USciences Online.